Monday, November 30, 2009

One Step Forward...

Hye there,i know im new here so please guide me afifah..
since tomorrow is my 1st day for my internship,i just want to share my experience there,so i create this blog as FARA yg suruh pown..this 1st entry might be a lil bit bored but force urself to read it!!hahahaha nway iron baju,pack my back,try new shoes n handbag,everything has DONE!!!! just put a BIG SMILE for tomorrow n try to MINGLE with others!!! As this is my first time working,really get nervous n dunno how to react for tomorrow!!! My pretty face need to have a rest for tomorrow, and i guest im done writing my first entry!!!wish me lots of luck!!!! wait for my next entry as i will tell u how was my 1st day at work!!!I wish dpt jumpa bos2 ensem n kaye tp bergaye ye...xnk tue..hehe till then

fifa hamzah