Thursday, February 4, 2010


4th February 1989,a child was borned weighed 3.2kg...she has bee given a name which is NAQIAH 'AFIFAH HAMZAH...she's still tiny little one...

4th February 2010,she is now 21 year old...with a bigger size,hahaha still the same one,who you knew before..

and here I am wishing my self HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF....may ALLAH swt bless me..looking back a few years ago,on how im celebrating my birthday,thinking that i had been surrounded with beautiful memories,of my family and friends,singing happy birthday,blowing candles,cut the cakes,opening i miss that moment!!!
but now i realize that im getting older each day,yes im getting into it...knowing that my birthday will be not celebrated as im in standard 5 or what..i must be satisfied with all the wishes through facebook,sms,ym,phone call,mms or what so ever..knowing that they still remember my birthday,is enough for me..i can't ask more than that...
being a NAQIAH 'AFIFAH for 21 years is not as easy as you many hardship should her passed through,so many joys that can bring her into tears,and so many tears that turned into happiness..that's what we called Life!
Thinking back about my passed life,makes me feel grateful for what i am today..i may not be a president of any club,i may not be as beautiful lady like others,i may not be topten in my class,and i may not be perfect like others...but i am grateful for what i have today..currently im on my way to finish up my last semester and insyAllah will be grad soon with diploma in food technology..wishing i can continue my study in degree..i have a wonderful family around me...being a daughter without her 'Abah' for 21 years is not easy for her..i rare talking bout him..but i just kept thinking,each day if and what IF,he is now beside he proud of who i am rite now??does he think that i am a good daughter,will he be beside me when i need somebody to comfort me??what if a can meet him for just a moment...telling him that im so proud to be her daughter,telling him that my mother has been very good taking care of his children..but it is just if...if means NOTHING....but im glad to have my mother through all this beautiful years...she's always beside me whenever im happy or sad,comforting me when i feel down,share her happiness with me...and my wonderful siblings!!that give colours to my life..thanks for all the love u sharing with me!!!!! and my beautiful niece and nephew,do u have ever wondered that aunty su loves u soooo muucchhh!!!!

And my besties,my second priority after my family..u know i can't live without u guys..thanks for our precious friendship through all these years..u know how much i love's endless..infinity..there's no other people that can break up our friendship!!

and my love story???it is NOTHING! ZERO! i dun know who,how and when..just let Him decide for me..and i hope all my frens wishes about getting my prince charming this year akan di makbulkan..amin...

and my wish for this year :
~have a good and healthy life
~cut off some weight
~continue my study in degree
~surrounded with family and friends
~get new purse
~go to Japan
~get new shoes,senang ckp sume bju ,sluar
~get new camera..x kisah la slr ke hape ke janji new
~get a bouquet of white roses with choc in it..
~get a bigggggg birthday cake!
~i want new watch
~get a car(ni mcm susah je)
~found my prince charming and i hope he's no taking too much time to make a u-turn and find his wayback..
~i didn't wish for anything more than this,please give another few years and more to give back all the loves that they gave for appreciate what they had done for give them happiness like they had give to me..and if u give me this,i would not wish for anything..

and that is it all my wishlist for my birthday!and im glad He had give me a wonderful 21 years for me to see the world...and a BBBIIGGGGG THANK YOUUU FOR ALL THE SWEET WISHES!!!!!!LOVE U ALL LOTS!!!

hugssss and kiissseeesss (muax muax),
naqiah 'afifah hamzah